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ELSA & FRED (2005) (PG)

Sept. 16, Catholic Charities, 6 Adams Street, Kingston

Presented in conjunction with Catholic Charities — This charming romantic comedy by Marcos Carnevale is about the irresistible power and the sometimes total madness of love, as depicted in the story of two people in the twilight of their lives who discover it’s never too late to love — and dream. Meeting over a fender bender, Elsa (China Zorrilla) and Fred (Manuel Alexandre) begin an awkward, prickly affair. She’s an inveterate liar of indeterminate vintage; he’s a 78-year-old reserved widower a bit younger than Elsa. Elsa bursts into his life like a whirlwind, determined to teach him that the time he has left is precious and that he should enjoy every minute of it. Though appalled by Elsa’s carpe diem behavior, Fred surrenders to her frenzy, youth and beautiful madness. Engagingly acted, this film won four critic and festival awards. “Love is said to be blind, but this sweet Spanish romance suggests it may also be ageless.” — Bob Mondello, NPR. In Spanish with English subtitles.