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Sept. 15, Rondout Valley United Methodist Church 25 Schoonmaker Lane, Stone Ridge

This inspiring documentary highlights the story of NASA's famed Voyager mission one of the greatest feats of scientific discovery humanity has ever undertaken. Voyager was launched in 1977 to study the outer solar system. Two Voyager robotic probes, with less computing power than a modern hearing aid, have since gone past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and are now in interstellar space, traveling miles a second. NASA estimates Voyager's nuclear generator will last another decade before the lights finally go out. But the probes will continue on their journey till who knows when. Indeed, the Voyager spacecraft could outlive humanity and our creations and be the only evidence we ever existed. Winner of eight critic and festival awards. "Accessible, inspirational and utterly fascinating." David Parkinson, Radio Times. "Exactly what the world needs right now." Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times. Rated PG.