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Nov. 18, Woodstock Jewish Congregation, 1682 Glasco Turnpike, Woodstock

In this dialogue-free French-Japanese animated film, a shipwrecked mariner, surrounded by an immense and furious ocean, battles for his life against the relentless towering waves. On the brink of his demise, the man washes ashore on a small, deserted tropical island. Wishing to escape, the nameless man builds a raft from bamboo and attempts to sail away. But an unseen sea creature destroys the raft, forcing the man back to the island. Trying again to escape with a new raft, the manís plan is again foiled by the sea creature. Trying a third time, the raft is once again destroyed. But this time, while in the water, the man finds a red female turtle facing him. Is this the heartless enemy? The man retreats to the island once again. ďA thoroughly disarming fairy tale, one that initially appears familiar, but eventually reveals itself to be something new, and altogether unexpected.Ē ó Simon Abrams,