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CHAPTER & VERSE (2017) (R)

Dec. 15, , New Progressive Baptist Church 8 Hone St., Kingston

On his return to Harlem after eight years in prison, reformed gang leader S. Lance Ingram (Daniel Beaty) struggles to adapt to the gentrified neighborhood. Living under the tough supervision of a parole officer and unable to use the computer tech skills he learned in jail, Lance takes a job at a food pantry washing dishes and delivering meals. It is there that he befriends Ms. Maddy (Loretta Devine), a strong and spirited grandmother. Learning that her 15-year-old grandson Ty (Khadim Diop), a promising student, has joined a dangerous street gang, Lance decides to do what he can to steer the teenager away from a life of crime. Lance makes peace with gang leader G-Rod (Justin Martin) and G-Rod lets Ty walk away. But when gang members learn of this, they want to punish Ty for disobeying the "law of the streets," and Lance decides to sacrifice his second chance at freedom so that Ty can have a first chance at a better life. "From the very first frame, viewers will understand that this film is a powerful story wrapped . . . tightly in truth." Lapacazo Sandoval, The Amsterdam News. "Not simply a story about new beginnings, it's a film about all the ways things have changed for black people (black men in particular) and all the ways that they have continued to remain the same." Aramide Tinubu, Shadow and Act. Rated R.