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NATIVITY! (2009) (PG)

Dec. 16, St. John’s Episcopal Church 207 Albany Ave., Kingston

In this family comedy, frustrated British elementary school teacher Paul Maddens (Martin Freeman) has the job this year of producing his school’s Nativity play, which the school hopes will finally be judged better than that of a posh archrival private school. The stakes are raised when Paul idly boasts his Hollywood-producer ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lore (Ashley Jensen) is coming to see the show intent on turning it into a major motion picture starring his pupils. The only trouble is, his boast isn’t true and he and Jennifer haven’t spoken in years. Classroom assistant Mr. Poppy (Marc Wootton) makes matters worse when he overhears the boast and excitedly announces the untrue news to the students, who then share it with their parents. Suddenly parents and children alike try to elbow their way to fame and fortune. Paul’s only hope is to reconnect with Jennifer and lure Hollywood to town so everyone’s Christmas wishes come true — except he finds out she’s not a producer but a receptionist. “A warm, funny and irreverent Christmas movie.” — James Plath, Rated PG.