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LION (2016) (PG-13)

Jan. 20, New Progressive Baptist Church, 8 Hone Street, Kingston

This affecting true story by director Garth Davis follows Saroo Brierley (Sunny Pawar), a 5-year-old boy who lives with his older brother, younger sister and mother in impoverished rural India in the mid-1980s. One day, while traveling with his brother, Guddu (Abhishek Bharate), Saroo boards a passenger train, thinking Guddu is aboard. While waiting for Guddu, he falls asleep. When he awakes, he finds himself alone and trapped on the train, which is now decommissioned and on its way to Kolkata, 1,500 miles away. Once in Kolkata, Saroo is lost in the alien urban environment. He survives as a street child. Too young to identify himself to authorities, he is eventually sent to an orphanage, where he is adopted by a well-to-do Australian couple (David Wenham and Nicole Kidman), who bring him to their prosperous home in Tasmania, where he grows up. But for all the love and material good fortune he received, Saroo (Dev Patel, as the adult Saroo) finds himself plagued by memories of his lost birth family. With an unwavering determination and Google Earth technology, which was just introduced, he sets out to find his lost family and his first home. Winner of 32 critic and festival awards, including eight Audience Choice Awards at film festivals and “Best Screenplay” at the British Academy Film Awards. “[A] profoundly stirring contemplation of family, roots, identity and home.” — David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter.